Real Life Superhero

Real Life Superhero

by john v

We could all use a little dose of the special powers that Reggie Nelson possesses. Recently the young student made headlines for going door to door in one of London's wealthiest neighborhoods dressed in a suite looking for answers to what made the business exes in the neighborhood so successful. The courage that it takes for a young man at the tender age of 17 to take a bus from his crime ridden neighborhood all the way over to the well to do area of Gloucester Road in kensington to knock on a strangers door in the morning and ask them for advice, is down right superhero like! 

Reggie Nelson dreamed of a university education, top job and the wealth to go with it – but had no idea how to achieve it.

He was born and raised on a council estate – by a single-mum after his father died – had been excluded from school and was already having run-ins with the law. 

But after watching an episode of How’d You Get So Rich – a US TV show where the show host meets and interviews a selection of wealthy Americans – he came up with his heroic idea. 

He googled “richest area in London” and set out to make history.

After knocking on several doors and getting turned away every time he didn't give up. He pushed on until the right door opened for him. There was Elizabeth Price who found the young man quite convincing and took him into her home and stopped her husband who was getting ready for work and forced him to speak to the teenager about business. 

The impressed head of Strategic Investments  invited him to his office for the day – eventually getting him work experience, a mentor and ultimately the very acceptance into University. 

Four internships and a degree later, he now has his dream job as an investment manager in the heart of London – such a difference in this boys life. 

Never resting he joined several projects for youth advancement and help and would find himself interviewing Theresa May then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom! 

This real life superhero and amazing story didn't end there. He asked several great questions with the former PM and even managed to snag a selfie with the famous politician. He credits all the help that he received from The Price family which has become a sort of second home for Reggie which all started with gathering the courage of a superhero and to set out on a path of never giving up no matter how crazy or big his dreams may be. 

If that isn't a super power then I don't know what is. Looking forward to seeing what this young man has in store for the rest of his dreams, and what door he knocks down next! 

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